Community and Relationships

By Stephan Teng

Saying goodbye to leaders can be hard.Some of us will feel confused about what happens next while others may feel fearful of the shoes we’re stepping into. Thankfully, we aren’t the first to experience such transitions.

By Eva Liu Glick

I was operating unconsciously as if everybody shared my Christian knowledge and views. It was my wake-up call.I needed to invest in friendships with non-Christians again, and that would require intentional effort.

By Hannah Keziah Agustin

Fall Conference was where God prepared me for years of serving my campus. I knew that he was going to do the same for the eager students who showed up in 2023.

By Emily Baez

After weeks of prayer and discernment, it seemed clearthat God was calling Jordanto start BCM on her campus in Auraria, Colorado. Still,Jordanstruggled with doubt over whether she was right for the task.


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