Spiritual Formation

By Christopher K. Lee

We've bought into misguided cultural narratives about faith. Rather than being the light of the world, reflecting God's perfect radiance, our light is filtered through our cultural lenses.

By Ashlye Elizondo Vanderworp

Last summer, I planned an overnight silent retreat. I didn’t talk to a soul for nearly 24 hours. Here’s what I learned and what I want to share with you.

By Taylor Straatmann
I often don’t feel the way I think I should. This Easter, we're reminded that even when we don't feel hopeful, the good news of Jesus is our hope.
By Emily Baez

New age practices promise to deliver on some deep human desires we’ve always had and always will have. When we investigate these desires, we’ll not only find that they’re natural and normal, but they’re also best satisfied in deep relationship with Jesus.  

By Nathan Peterson

God made us and made us for him. In ways we can’t fully understand, we crave him. But we do everything we can to satisfy that craving with earthly things. This is why we’re tired. This is why we need true rest.

By Schuyler Kitchin

God’s people can meet God in the temple and in the wilderness, in spring and in winter. 

By Drew Larson

To Jesus the shepherd, we have names. When he calls to us, he calls with a voice whose clearest frequencies are friendship and intimacy, and whose resonance is so full of goodness that when we hear it, we want to follow. 


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