Our Ministry

How We Do Ministry

We minister in a variety of ways, including planting chapters that reach every corner of campus, sending students to global missions fields, serving the larger Christian Church through our retreat and training centers, and producing award-winning books and video resources.

Draw students to Jesus as Savior and Lord

Teach students to respond to God’s Word

Engage people of all
cultures and ethnicities

Encourage service to God’s purposes in the world

on every corner of every campus


going beyond campus


The Global Urban Trek immerses students in urban slums for seven weeks, where they discern whether God could be calling them to long-term service alongside the urban poor. 

Come seek shalom alongside the marginalized on an ñ Justice Program: weekend, weeklong, or summerlong ministry experiences that take place across the US. 

Boldly engage a beautiful world by studying abroad on mission. Join ñ Study Abroad for weekend retreats, spring break trips, virtual small groups, and semester programs. 

We recruit, train, send, and help care for college graduates and ñ staff who are called to minister to students overseas under the leadership of the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES). 

Global Programs are short-term, international journeys, where you may join a cultural and language exchange, serve with vulnerable populations and communities, minister alongside other Christians, or share the good news on campuses overseas.


We publish thoughtful Christian books that serve those in the university, strengthen the Church, and develop mature disciples of Christ.

We use media to influence the hearts and minds of students with the good news of Jesus Christ. Enjoy the video resources that we have produced.

We equip professional nurses, nursing students, and educators worldwide to practice from a biblically-based perspective.