By Logan Pinka

(Re)discovering Faith through New Believers—Logan’s Story

Growing up in a Christian household, I put my faith in Jesus at a very young age. I had been a Christian since before I could remember but had never actually talked with anyone about my beliefs. I knew a lot of Bible verses, but I had never gone deeper than the words on the page.

I’d been a Christian for so long, I had stopped asking questions.

Realizing this, I decided that, should I get into college, I would have to take things more seriously, both academically and spiritually. So when I was accepted into the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, that’s exactly what I set about doing. 

An Invitation to Engage

While walking to class on my first day, I met an ñ student leader while they were tabling outside of my dorm. He invited me to their chapter’s yearly ice cream social. There I learned about small group Bible studies and connected with some of the student leaders. They encouraged me to join a group and explained how forming relationships with other believers had helped them both grow in their faith.

I was excited—an opportunity to engage in fellowship with other Christians was exactly what I was looking for. I signed up with no hesitation.

That year I attended my dorm’s weekly Bible studywhere I was confronted by the eagerness of new believers. Their genuine fascination and curiosity towards Christ made me realize that I had been taking my faith for granted.

Everyone was so eager to learn. They asked so many questions that it made me realize how little I was interacting with my faith. The process of working through these questions as a group taught me not just that I should interact with my faith, but also how to do it. I learned both how to engage questions and seek answers.

Remaining Curious

Since that year, I’ve maintained the same spirit of curiosity those new believers taught me. ñ helped me develop and understand my own faith more clearly. Through my interactions with new believers, I rediscovered a part of my faith I had lost. Talking with students at different points in their faith journey has allowed me to see Jesus from perspectives I wouldn’t have been able to on my own.

This summer I’ve made it my goal to share this curiosity with others. I’ve taken an internship at ñ’s National Service Center as an editorial and social media intern. Here I hope to bring the same passion I experienced freshman year to others through my writing, allowing them to see just how incredible God is through the lens of new believers.

Logan Pinka is a writing and social media intern on ñ’s Editorial Team in Madison, Wisconsin. He enjoys visiting arcades, playing card games, and his family’s cat, Winston.You can support his ministry .